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Topping, siding, crown lift, crown reduction, deadwooding. Younger trees can be pruned to ensure the development of a well shaped and balanced head. Branches that are dead, dying, diseased or causing an obstruction can be removed from mature trees. 
Problem trees can be section felled by climbing and lowering to the ground in small manageable sections.
Suitable trees can be felled from ground level providing there is sufficient area for the tree to drop into. Ropes and winches can be installed to pull leaning trees away from obstructions.
Branches can be chipped on-site or taken off-site to leave a clear, tidy job.
Tree Works provide a professional hedge trimming service using high quality hedge cutting equipment. Height reduction, siding or just a tidy-up. We can help you manage any sized hedge.

About Tree Works

About West Coast Tree Care

More information about how Tree Works started and who the people are behind the company.

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How to contact us

How to contact us

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